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Provisional members are individuals of the JLWB who are engaged in training to prepare for effective community involvement.  They have not yet been admitted to Active membership.  The Provisional course runs from September to May, during which Provisional members are led by a Provisional Advisor to learn more about the organization and community activities. 


All members, Provisionals included, have a set of yearly requirements such as volunteer work, meeting attendance, and membership fees.  In June, Provisional members who have successfully completed all requirements are invited to join the League as Active members.



  • Attend a total of 5 meetings:

    • ​3 General Membership Meetings (GMMs)

    • 1 Committee Chair and Board Meeting

    • Annual June Dinner Meeting


  • Attend a mandatory training session along with other Provisional members of your class.


  • Participate in the Provisional Project.


  • As a group, provide 2 updates on the Provisional class's progress for the JLWB newsletter,  The Barrometer.


  • Fundraising requirement of $100.  


  • Payment of Provisional dues of $90.

  • Upon graduation to Active Status at the end of the Provisional year, Active dues ($115) will be required for payment in June.

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